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      The quality of fresh aloe vera leaves is one of the key factors that affects the quality of final products. Hainan is the best place to plant aloe vera because of its hot climate and a long sunshine term of the year. Its available land for planting aloe takes 42.5% of the whole area of the country. The company selected the best aloe vera seeding and established an organic aloe vera plantation base covering 70 hectares in Hainan. relying on the local climate and environment for planting high-quality organic aloe leaf to provide an excellent natural conditions. To ensure the quality of aloe vera, the company pays great attention to the management of the planting and plants aloe vera on a large scale standardized and organic farm, meanwhile inviting professionals of plantation and plant protection as consultants and applying organic fertilizer without any chemical fertilizer and pesticide. They continuously collect the systematic date and make comprehensively analysis on the effective contents of the leaves, the factors of plantation management, climate change, soil status and the prevention of disease and harmfulness, so that the aloe fresh leaves achieve high levels polysaccharides and O-acetyl and the planting targets of high yield and excellent simultaneously. The plantations had been certified for EU, JAS(Japan), NOP (US) and China organic Aloe vera plantation and processing products, ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality and environmental management system certification, making organic Aloe vera plantation to maintain high levels polysaccharides and O-acetyl, embodying the requirement of planting raw materials ---"organic, health, environmental protection," Organic Plantation Without Any Pollution Organic Plantation Without Any Pollution