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       Hainan Zhongchen Biologic Engineering Co.,Ltd is a civil stock company of high-tech science and technology dedicated to organic aloe industrialization integrating the plantation, processing and scientific R&D of aloe together.
       Our company selected the best Non-GMO aloe vera seeds and established an organic aloe vera plantation base over 100 hectares in Hainan. To ensure the quality of aloe vera, our company pays great attention to the organic planting management, meanwhile inviting professionals of plantation and plant protection as consultants and applying organic fertilizer without any chemical fertilizer and pesticide. Our aloe plantation has already passed the organic food certificate of EU in 2003.
       Our company carries out the operational principles of “faithful operation and quality first”. We have set up a quality scientific team from high starting point persisting in taking biological engineering as the leading factor with high standards and strict requirements. We also have set up a scientific research laboratory equipped with advanced equipment that can undertake the fine test and analysis on products. The company has an advanced aloe vera R&D center conducting a series of researches on the affect of aloe vera growing environment to its quality, the high efficiency and energy saving concentration technology at room temperature, dried powder production technique retaining the full biological activities of aloe vera in its process. The company’s research department developed independently, and constitute a several management regulations together with domestic and foreign scientific and research institutes, the equipment of the production technology and industrialization technology of our company have already been put in basic form and we also is the first aloe vera supplier in China who has the large organic aloe freeze dried equipment according with the GMP standard, that have offered both advanced software and hardware for us producing series products of the aloe vera raw materials.
       Our factory built in accordance with GMP standards strictly complies with the international regulations on the five key quality control factors of macromolecular substance: time, temperature, health, biological enzyme activity. We also have jointly developed the concentration technology equipment used at room temperature with some domestic scientific and research institutes that thoroughly solve the technical obstacle of temperature rising and high energy consumption in concentration. The technical equipment is very effective in key quality control section to protect the biological enzyme activity of the product and to prevent the product from oxidation and brown stain. The equipment plays important role in protection of the biological enzyme activity of the product and the structure of macromolecular. The biological function ingredients content of our organic aloe vera extraction product have reached to the high-class quality standard comparing with other manufacturers in aloe industry, and which are widely recognized by many manufacturers in European and North America countries.
       Our company will continuously improve the organic production management and regulate the organic production process with higher standards. Both our company’s aloe vera plantation and processing are in line with EU organic、JAS(Japan)organic and USDA (US) organic production regulation requirements, and the regulations of HACCP concerning fruit and vegetable juice products for export to the United States of America and the regulations of FSSC22000 and PAS 220 and meeting requirements with China’s exportation food hygiene and the registration requirements of safety regulations and ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System and ISO14001: 2004 Environment Management System standard requirements, according to the standards of organic products and processing requirements, and has achieved the registration certificate of above all standards regulations , and meanwhile, we also have already acquired the IASC certificate issued by the International Aloe Science Council. These certificates are also a real verification of the quality of our product.

       Try to be an aloe supplier enjoying the high reputation at home and abroad with strict regulations and management in organic plantation management, organic processing & extracting, quality control, scientific research and make people enjoy the beauty and health bringing by aloe vera is always our goal.
     the Factory View with garden-style of Hainan Zhongchen  Biological Engineering Co.,Ltd The Organic Aloe Vera Plantation of Hainan ZhongChen Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.  In Meilan ,Haikou